Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reminisce muna tyo.

Lines from the Great One:

8/21/2001--tingnan ang date ng email na 'to!bata pa tyo nun!!

what's prof. agabin's problem, other than your performance?

back then we were all sexist. and even now. only we're not comfortable saying it.

if this was (sic) dinner and your parents ask you, "what did you learn?", you tell them, "we have nothing to worry about because the supreme court is here."

half of the supreme court now are assholes. they suck.

you know the racists, fuck, i don't understand how they think.

look at the things that came after this, women's liberation, animal liberation...

now you can be an African American single mother lesbian, and it's okay.

the bombing of pearl harbor was not a fiasco, i tell you that.

if you think something's wrong, you have to go to court. you fight for what's right, right? and if you have a problem, ask ms. nebab.

you will meet me again, i'm sure of that. so be nice to me.

see...there's still time to go to medicine.

it's not about winning at any cost. you win with principle. that's why you're called lawyers. you do what is right.

i wonder if people in the supreme court know that we don't respect them.


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