Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wish List

Nip/Tuck Season 1 (bilisan ninyo bago i-raid ang Makati Cinema Square, the safe place to buy pirated DVDs... unlike in Quiapo where you might end up
gym gloves (for lifting bars and stuff...)
a cheap badminton set (dami nito sa Quiapo or Baclaran... "set" as in 2 raketa at shuttlecox este shuttlecocks
CD ng Destiny's Child (Destiny Fulfilled... sana yung may kasamng VCD ng videos nila...)

1. havaianas- high look (or high sun or high flowers) in black (size USA 7)
2. sammies by samsonite smile3 turtle backpack (kung wala yung turtle, ok na rin yung ladybird)
3. havaianas – top in black (size USA 7)
4. kiehl's lip balm #1
*Kung walang size 7 ok na rin yung size 6 pero mas ok yung size 7. =)


Fountain pen ink cartridges. Brand: Rotring. Color: Royal blue or Ultramarine blue. Price: about P40 per pack of 6. How many: 5 packs should do (don't exhaust the P500 on cartridges).These can be bought at any National Bookstore.

CHI: my first choice is the book "to the nines" by janet evanovich; don't bother looking for it at powerbooks as forever ko na sila hinihintay magkastock nito. most probably sa fully booked power plant; maybe sa gateway branch but i don't think so kasi i checked about a month ago and out of stock na sila. paperback version lang.

if you can't find it, any of the following will do:

cd: james blunt, "back to bedlam"
books: alexander mccall smith, "the no. 1 ladies' detective agency" (meron nito sa national bookstore); take note lang that this book is the first in a series, so please sana you get this specific title .
john le carre, "the constant gardener"
jane austen, "mansfield park"

#1 NIKE Strengthtraining Gloves, women, Large (Please......)
#2 Complete set(2 seasons) DVD of One Tree Hill (I know it's kinda baduy but crush ko talaga si Chad Michael Murray)
#3 DENMAN straightening brush (it can be bought at Beauty Bar and Cinderella but plese try to get me the first two above if you can...)
#4 (tied with #3 in terms of preference) Gift certificate (for 2) Brazil Brazil; Grappas; pepato; Good Earth

CHRISGEL:(in order of preference)
1. Camp-O sleeping bag (super packable ito kaya sobrang okey) - costs 850p sa Camp-O sa Makati ata
à à à baka bumili na ko nito sa Friday so okey lang na wag na to unless…
2. Camp4 Kovea stove - 1,600 something pesos, OR titanium kovea stove na mga 1,700p hehehe joke lang ito!
à à à Kovea Observer lamp na lang = mas mura kasi 1065p lang. hahaha joke lang to. Wag ito ha.


1. LED headlamp - options:
a. Angel Eyes - mahal mga 2k plus hahaha
b. Petzl - mahal din ito
c. Princeton Tech - mahal din
d. may Krypton mga 800p ata sa outdoor shop. baka cheaper sa ibang place
e. may Halogen headlamp ang Kovea, not sure kung okey siya at magkano
f. may mga 300 to 400p na LED headlamps din, make sure lang matibay

2. Nalgene water bottle
a. yung 1-Liter wide-mouth mga 800 to 900p depende sa shop
b. yung 1-Liter narrow-mouth mga 700 to 800p naman
c. pwede din yung 750-mL na sleek bottle mga 700 to 800 din ata
d. kung mahal masyado, may Columbia din na water bottles mga around 500p din pero di kasing tibay nga lang

3. Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie or any Steven Pinker book, preferably the Language Instinct

4.Thorlos running socks - 599p

In order of preference:
1. DVD player
2. Sabine's Notebook by Nick Bantock (available at Power Books)

Equally tied at no. 3:
* a big box of SEMI-SWEET chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields
* gift certificate at Robinson's Galleria department store
* gift certificate at a spa in the Ortigas area
* Hale CD

yung birkenstock na classic brown (size 12), walang strap sa likod. as in yung style na halos lahat ay meron. kelangan ko kasi sa trabaho.

pero kung ayaw nyong ibigay, malungkot syempre pero ito na lang:

DVD ng ONE TREE HILL (SEASONS 1 AND 2) and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (season 1). so bale tatlong season.mura lang naman ang isang season. ito yung good news: OKAY LANG KAHIT PIRATED. basta sana, yung nakalagay sa magandang box na may picture pa. yung tipong pag nakita mo, iisipin mo orig. hindi yung nasa mga regular case lang. alam nyo na yun. as in box talaga yung lalagyan.

sana talaga yung birks.

**** pero if you do decide to get the DVD's instead, please have the decency to see if all the episodes are running. one season has 22 episodes, i think. so you have to SCAN 66 episodes.this is to avoid any "bitin" moments on my part. masakit sa puson. at sana lang lord ay DVD quality ang inigay nyo. hindi yung maganda nga ang kahon, basura naman yung quality ng picture at sound. ano yon?


1. ipod mini or nano!!!
2. Necktie clip, silver
3. Silver watch with a blue face. kahit fake, basta won't tarnish easily
4. Short-sleeved Barong, Medium, gusot-mayaman, white
5. Office desk showcase (desk organizer, ballpens, 2006 diary, kalendaryo, table clock, tissue, kutsara't tinidor, baso, etc... ang kulay ng table ko, parang kulay ng classroom tables ng Malcolm. ang cubicle walls ko, darker na brown din)

GLADI: fortune plant, yung nabibili sa mall na nilalagyan lang ng tubig buhay na. mukha siyang maliliit na bamboo na stinack to form interesting shapes and sizes. yung mukha namang healthy ha. baka biglang mamatay yun eh. madedepress lang ako. hehe

the best lipstick brush P500 can buy at kung di aabot ng P500, bilhan nyo na lang ako ng additional make-up tool.

1. nike slippers na blue or if its too expensive gift certificate na lang sa nike;
2. walllet from girbaud (since sale naman eternally don) either black or brown at hindi masyadong malaki;
3. gift certificate sa janilyn;
4. any perfume na green tea ang scent (this, i know, is way over budget. pero baka lang makalusot hehe)
5. gift certificate sa galleria

option 1: Lancome Juicy Tube (lip gloss) (any shade of pink)
option 2: black leather wallet na may maraming lagayan ng cards
option 3: lip and cheek tint sa body shop

hi guys! here's my wishlist. sorry for being late.

1) SIGG water bottle (check it out at 1liter with screw on cap preferred ( bitin kung 500ml o 700ml lang...pag 1.5 liter i'll thank you each time i drink from it! hehehe)

2) SIGG water bottle again (check it out at 1 liter with screw on cap preferred (bitin kung 500ml o 700ml lang...kung 1.5 liter, i'll thank you each time i drink from it! hehehe)

3) Nalgene Lexan hydration bottle ( - 1 liter din, even better din kung 1.5

4) 'ink' CD by livingston taylor...24-bit version available at tower records or astrovision plus sa podium.

thanks in advance!

in no specific order or preference

1. Any Jack Johnson CD
2. Yoga Mat (purple or black)
3. Juicer (preferably purple, black or silver). Brand: Philips, National or Braun. Not 3D please.
4. The latest Fiona Apple CD, Extraordinary Machine

If you're feeling generous, I also need a flash disk, an iBook, a laptop bag from Crumpler. If you're feeling generous lang naman. *cross my fingers* Teeheee.


Ok lang kahit wala kasi di ako sure na makakapuntapara di ka na maabala. Pero if you want, ok na yungpencil sharpener worth 500 pesos (eto ba yung minimum?) or less. Pero kung di pwede, ok na yung default gift which according to rain and tupas may bebars of soap or picture frame. Salamat.

MEL (in order of preference):
1. Pashmina wrap in any of these colors:
- Tan or Mocha (NOT brown or beige)
- Old Rose (kung lalaki ang nakabunot sa akin, ask your girlfriend what color this is. It’s a variation of pink)
**I’m positive that you can get pashmina wraps for less than 1000 now. In SM Makati they have these, also in Woman Glorietta. I remember around 750 each before. But if you go to tiangges, its much cheaper but the color selection is limited.

2. Havaianas flip flops - these are available in Rustan's U (Gateway, Alabang or Makati) or in All Flip Flops Makati. But I haven't seen any of the metallics left
Style: Metallics
Size: 39-40
Color: Metallic Gold

3. Giordano Ladies’ Polo shirt (yung P699 per polo) - LAST CHOICE, but please please try to look for the other two gifts above first
-Size XL.
-Color: Turquoise Blue (not navy blue and not sky blue, yung medium blue lang) OR Tan.
**DON’T buy me shades of white, lavender, pink, maroon, yellow or green…I have these colors na (trust me, I collect these shirts!)

1. dads/ saisaki gift cheque
2. nike stadium/ nike park gift cheque
3. may libro about the simpsons sa fully booked. pero hindi ko pa alam yung title so ill just email agen!

MJ: ( not in any particular order)

1. jacket (smart casual; for friday use sa sycip; cozi have so few in my cabinet - hehe; and i'm partial tomandarin collars)
2. 1001 movies you must see before you die (book cya;but its kinda mahal so you can go to number 3 instead. . .)
3. any movie listed in 1001 movies (kahit bootleg copya.k.a pirated; but if it offends your sensibility tobe seen near those hollering "DIBIDI MA'AM, SIR!",i'll be more than glad to accept original copy/ies)
4. the god of small things; or, memoirs of mymelancholy whores; or, harry potter and the order ofphoenix (kahit paperback)
5. am leaving no. 5 blank muna coz there's this whiteblouse na gusto ko sa tango but i cant describe it yet(sus, may pahabol pa! my apologies :( )

RAIN: in the order of decreasing preference
1. Gift cheque sa Ayala malls worth P1000
2. Yung unang best of U2 cd AND latest cd ni mariahcarey
3. USB to IrDA adapter

in order of preference
1. complete final season vcd ng sex and the city
2. "best of" cd ng ambrosia
3. the latest anton ramos cd (wag pls. yung me "ever after", kakasawa na)
4. sandamakmak na tropicana at tampico citrus flavored juice

another photo album with memorable pictures starting from our 2004 Christmas party until our graduation.
i can share the cost.

1) one piece swimsuit. brand: kahit ano na ok naman ang quality, basta classic ang design; color: navy blue, black...ok lang yung may combined colors basta wag yung distracting.=) (note: pakipili ng medium, pakitantya na lang kung kasya)

2) (kung sa tingin mo pareho tayo ng tipo)i would very much appreciate a snazzy jacket...'yung hindi ordinary pero 'wag naman yung offensive ha. tsaka the following colors are preferred: royal blue, navy blue, blue-yellow combination, blue-orange combination, smart red (wag bright red please. ok rin ang maong jacket, kung pwede 'wag yung usual style. thanks!

3) (kung kikay ka naman) maybelline (lash-lenghtening) mascara, maybelline lipstick in raisin (P200plus each po)

...kapag may nahanap ka na affordable (pero functional) na USB, blue.

1.) live 8 dvd OR live strong wristband OR live 8 wristband -- for any of these items, ask mike muna kung nabili ba niya for me. if hindi, please get me any of these. i guarantee eternal gratitude. hehe
2.) blush-on stick -- it's a new type of cosmetics. blush-on used to be in powder form but now, it's available in stick form na. ask your girlfriend or girl friends. please dont get me the local brands (VMV or in2it) kasi allergic ako...hihi. also, wag yung cheek tint ng body shop. di rin ako puede dun. hehe.
3.) anansi boys -- title of a book written by neil gaiman. it's newly released.
4.) films by cirio santiago -- he is a filipino director who makes his film abroad. please get me a copy of his films. kahit download or pirated tatanggapin ko! hehe
5.) really fashionable bag -- of any of the following colours: black, brown, red or violet. note: really fashionable! haha!


At 4:13 PM, Anonymous arcibald said...

mel, may nakita akong chocolate brown na havaianas sa megamall. yung converse shoes na gusto mo, may nakita ako sa sm cebu, hehehe.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger melvel said...

wow thanks chrisgel. I'll go to SM Cebu tomorrow, haha.

I know, people have been telling me na there's chocolate brown Havaianas in certain malls, pero these things get sold out the minute they are displayed on the shelves. Tsambahan lang talaga. Sigh.

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous rainier said...

Kung wala sa wishlist may blanket authority ang monito/monita to buy anything above P500?

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous arcibald said...

rain, kung wala siya sa wishlist, ang ibibili ko talaga sa nabunot ko picture frame worth 500p or more o kaya isang pack/basket ng shampoo and/or soap.

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous rainier said...

okay chrisgel...malamang di ako nabunot mo :D

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Women leather jackets said...

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