Sunday, November 19, 2006

Kris Kringle Rules on Wishlists and Gifts

1. send to your wishlists not later than December 2, 2006 if you havent sent any as of the time of this post

2. On December 3, 2006 I'll post at the wishlists using your numbers
ex. instead of rainier's wishlist it would be no. 100's wishlist.

3. The monetary value of any of the gifts you have listed in your wishlist must not exceed Php1,000 (One thousand Philippine Pesos).

Any such gift listed beyond Php 1,000 (One Thousand Philippine Pesos) gives your parent the choice whether or not to buy such gift as an "act of grace".

4. Failure to send your wishlist on December 2, 2006 to gives your parent the option to buy you any gift the parent deems fit to give.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Important Dates and Reminders
November 19, 2006
deadline for kris kringle number (see details in the post, "The Numbers Game")
November 20, 2006
sending out of SMS to you re: your monito/monita
December 2, 2006*
deadline for wishlists to be sent via egroups
*this assumes that December 9, 2006 is the date of the christmas party, in order to give time to buy the gift for your monito or monita.
However, even if the date of the christmas party is moved to a later date, prudence dictates that the same deadline be imposed to give the gift-giver more time to shop.
Failure to beat the deadline of course means that you may get P 1,000 worth of scented candles, mugs, pictures frames, handwoven coin purses from baguio or whatever your "parent" wish to give you (if he/she wishes to give you anyway)
December 9, 2006
Proposed date of christmas party

The Numbers Game
1. choose a number from 1-99

this means the numbers 1 and 99 are included in the choices, and this does not include irrational,fractional and other non-whole numbers

the reasons for this are: 1) to give you more choices in numbers and 2) to make it a bit more difficult to guess who is your "monito/monita"

rest assured everyone will have a "monito or monita" but whether or not you shall receive a gift from your "monito or monita" is not an assurance I can or will make

2. Upon choosing the number, send your chosen number to or via an SMS to my cellphone number not later than 19 November 2006.

3. Failure to:
a. choose a number in the form prescribed in 1;

b. choose and send your chosen number, although in the prescribed form, on or before 19 November 2006;

c. choose and send your chosen number, although in the prescribed form and sent on or before 19 November 2006, via the methods prescribed in 2;

d. choose a number not yet picked by another; and

e. such other instances that may disrupt the kris kringle system

means you have given me the authority to choose a number for you in the method mentioned in 1.

You can expect from me by 20 November 2006, an SMS or email indicating your number and your monito or monita's number

- benevolent dictator